About Amateur Radio

What it is

Amateur Radio is a fun hobby and public service
enjoyed worldwide by licensed operators who enjoy
personal two-way communications over international
shortwave frequencies.

Who we are

Radio Amateurs or “Hams” come from all walks of life:
students, astronauts, rock stars, missionaries, truck drivers
and just plain folks. They’re men, women, boys and girls
of all ages, nationalities and incomes. All share a love of
ham radio, and most have no previous electronics experience,
just a desire to get on the air and have fun!

What we do

We enjoy talking to others across town or around the world.
We use our own radios and communicate with microphones,
computer keyboards, telegraph keys and even video cameras.
Hams operate from home, their cars, boats, or even walking with
a compact hand-held radio.

How to become a “Ham”

It’s easy, and no special training is needed. Study guides
are available to help you prepare for the entry-level
Technician license exam. Questions are taken from a
pool found in a licensed manual, so the exam
contains no surprises. Many radio clubs offer help, classes, or
individual assistance from a core of volunteers called “Elmers.”
After passing the exam, the Federal Communications Commission
assigns a personal call sign and you’re good to go on the air!

Getting help

Many area radio clubs (see list) offer help to those interested
in learning about Amateur Radio and getting their own licenses.
There are introductory radio classes available,
on-line courses, reference books and even individual help from
a group of volunteers. These individuals are ready to answer
questions about our hobby and the various ways in which persons can
join the ranks of radio hams.

Area radio clubs

A number of Amateur Radio clubs in Northeast Ohio are
Available to help individuals with an interest in our hobby.
You may want to contact them, attend a meeting, or ask for
Help in preparing for the license exam. Check the listing below.
There may a club near you.